Ursus arctos

Bear hunting

Seeing, hunting and shooting a wild bear is one of the most impressive experiences a hunter can have. The bear, this legendary and proud carnivore, entrances us at every meeting. Hunting bears in the Swedish wilderness is a hunting experience you’ll never forget. Regardless of whether you are an experienced hunter or a novice hunter, we have the hunting trip for you.

“A light, warm late summer night, the last rays of the sun still shining through the crowns of the trees. We sit in our hide and wait, three hunters with the air filled with expectation, tension and a little nervousness. None of us have ever seen a bear close up, even less hunted or shot one. The excitement is the air increases when we hear a dog barking, and then one more, and another. The dogs get closer and closer. And suddenly he’s there in our sights, a stately male bear; we can’t stop looking at him, can’t breathe. It feels as if time is standing still, although just seconds have passed. Admiration and wonder at this majestic animal’s appearance. We have obviously been greatly affected by our first meeting with Sweden’s biggest, most dangerous and most majestic carnivore, as haven’t managed to touch our weapons…”

Few people have had the privilege of seeing a bear at close range, even fewer have had the chance to shoot one. Do you want to experience brown bears close up, to hunt and shoot a wild bear? We give you the chance to come home with a fantastic hunting story about meeting a bear.

We offer a number of different hunting packages and trips for experienced bear hunters or for novices. Expert hunt leaders and dog handlers with great knowledge of bear hunting plan and lead the hunt so that you and your companions will have a safe and exciting experience.