Beaver hunting

Hunting for beaver is a special experience. Gliding out onto a perfectly still lake and slowly and quietly paddling towards a dam at dawn is a magical thing to do. The first time you glimpse this graceful animal at the edge of the water, you’ll understand why the beaver is a popular game animal. Beaver hunts and beaver hunting trips are organised throughout Jämtland.

“The sun is on the way down over the river Dammån and we are gliding quietly across the water on the hunt for beaver, two hunters looking for beavers. We have put down our paddles, the current is taking us in the right direction. We catch sight of the majestic dam on the right bank and the excitement rises even though we have hunted beaver many times before. We pull in to the shore on the other side, with a free view of the lodge, twigs and branches stacked to make a minor masterpiece. Our eyes search for the entrance, but we quickly establish that it is under water as usual and is difficult for us to see. Suddenly a small head appears at the water’s edge and, unaware of the danger waiting on the other bank, the beaver swims straight towards us. Our weapons are loaded and we are ready to hunt beaver. Then the silence is broken by a loud noise, the beaver emits a warning signal and hits its paddle-like tail on the water’s surface and dives. Before we have time to blink it’s gone…”

We offer a number of different hunting packages and trips of experienced beaver hunters and for novices. The methods for beaver hunting vary between using a canoe or moving quietly up to a lodge and waiting out the shy beavers. The beaver was once threatened with extinction, but is now found in relatively large numbers. Our expert hunt leaders with great knowledge of beaver hunting plan and lead the hunt so that you and your companions will have a successful hunt.

Beaver facts