Tetrao urogallus

Capercaillie & black grouse hunting

Hunting capercaillie and grouse is popular is Sweden and in Jämtland. Hunters come here from around the world to experience hunting forest birds as big game. Beautiful scenery and healthy hunting grounds are a great start to a successful hunt.

“The snow slowly falls to the ground and the last red leaves glow in the treetops. We are hunting capercaillie and black grouse with our bird dogs. We walk quietly through familiar ground, stopping when we hear a bark. We search tree by tree and suddenly see a majestic cock capercaillie in the top of a pine tree a little way away. It’s the first one today and excitement grows. Yesterday we brought seven home, how many will it be today…”

Perhaps you have seen a capercaillie or a black grouse when you’ve been out walking in the countryside. These birds are counted as big game birds and are common in Sweden. Jämtland provides many opportunities for meeting capercaillie and black grouse close up, as well as hunting and shooting, so you can return home with great experiences in nature, hunting stories and delicious meat.

We offer a number of different hunting packages and trip for experienced bird big game hunters, as well as for novices. Expert hunt leaders and dog handlers with great knowledge of bird hunting plan and lead the hunt so that you and your companions will have a successful big game hunt for forest birds.

Capercaillie & black grouse facts