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Moose hunting

It’s no surprise that Jämtland’s emblem is the moose. Moose have been hunted in the forests of Jämtland since the Stone Age. Meeting Sweden’s “national animal”, the king of the forest, a large bull moose with antlers with 20 tags is an incredible experience. Hunting and shooting moose doesn’t just leave you with life-long memories of your hunting companions and good hunting stories, it also gives you a freezer full of moose meat and beautiful antlers to hang on the wall.

“I creep slowly, silently, through the beautiful mountain forest. The sound of a barking dog tells me that the moose is close by. We are near a large system of pitfall traps that tells us we are far from the first people to hunt moose in this area. With yesterday’s hunting stories and the hunt leader’s description of the surroundings fresh in my memory from last night, it is now even clearer that the moose has been an important game animal since ancient times. I hear one shot and then one more. Information over the radio is that a calf has been shot but that the cow that was seen nearby got away. I focus my gaze through sights of my gun…”

If you’ve taken a long car journey in northern Sweden, you may well have seen a moose at a distance. Perhaps you’ve even met one when you were out picking berries or mushrooms. Moose are common in Sweden, so the hunt has an extra thrill. In Jämtland you can see moose close up, hunt and shoot them.

We offer a number of different hunting packages and trips for experienced moose hunters and for beginners. Experienced hunt leaders and dog handlers with great knowledge of moose hunting plan and lead the hunt, so that you and your companions will have a successful hunt for the king of the forest.

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