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Black Grouse and Capercaille hunting

We offer an exciting hunt for black grouse and capercallie. This hunting is for them who
looks for physical challenge. We ski out in the white, frosty landscape looking for birds. Choose from full or half board. The packages include hunting license and accommodation. You may hunt with or without a guide.

In Raftälven you can hunt at 4000 ha , where you stay at self-catering villa ( 60 minutes drive from Östersund).

In Galhammar you can hunt on 1600 ha and stay in a small cousy cottage in the ground.


Your guide will meet you in the afternoon/evening at your accommodation. We will eat dinner together and go through the weekend’s hunt.


You make your own breakfast and lunch to bring with you in the backpacks.
Your guide will meet you at your accommodation at. 9.00 and takes you out hunting for birds in the top of trees. Weather, interest and hunting success will determine how long you hunt during the day. You will eat dinner in the cottage in the evening prepared by yourselves or by your guide.

DAY 3-5

Same as day 2. After completing the last day´s hunting you return to the cabin and depart for home.
After hunting there are many possibility’s to do and see other things around the area; ice fishing, snowmobile, watching the northern lights, shopping etc.

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