Exclusive Adventure

Tree top bird hunting

CAPERCAILLIE – Minus 10°C, no wind and a thick layer of new snow. The forest is still and silent around me and my hunting guide. The sun is low in the sky at this time of year and the hunting day is short. We ski slowly. In front of us, the forest opens up and we stop at the edge of a small marsh. We glide gently down a small slope. A few hundred metres away, we see a large cock capercaillie in a pine tree.

Tree-top bird hunting is demanding for the hunter. Cock capercaillies sit in the tree-tops, eating and enjoying the sunshine. To get close enough for a good shot, you have to approach quietly on skis or snowshoes. It is the optimal hunt for people who want to test their skills and knowledge. The mountain forests around Myhrbodarna in northern Jämtland offer great opportunities for exciting hunts for capercaillie and black grouse in an undulating landscape of mixed forest and marshes.

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