Wildlife watching

Wildlife watching

Experience the beautiful, vast Swedish wilderness. Grand Five© is created to show you the beauty of nature in the northern parts of Sweden. We are here to help your get started.

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Vast forests and mountains

Babbling waterways where beavers slowly swim. Ptarmigan that search for birch buds on snowy expanses. Green pine forests where the moose runs with long strides. The capercaillie and black grouse sing their love songs in shimmering glades, ruffle their feathers and dance graciously. The bear that has just woken from its winter sleep and is coming out of hibernation.

Home of Grand Five

Jämtland offers fantastic scenery throughout the year, whether you want to experience our most impressive wild animals through binoculars or with a camera on a snowy winter day, or a warm and light summer night, this is where you have every chance. Jämtland has one of Sweden’s densest populations of carnivores and is home to Sweden’s Grand Five.

Organized wildlife watching

We offer organized wildlife watching / game watching in all forms, all year rounds. In Jämtland you can experience northern Europe’s top five in just a few days. Our biggest predators and felines, the king of the forest and our finest birds. Moose, bear, beaver, ptarmigan and lynx. Discover the Grand Five with us.