Our partners

Grand Five works with a number of organising companies to help you find the right experience for you, and an adventure in the magnificent Swedish wilderness that will give you memories for life.

Aspås hund & jakt

We offer experiences in wonderful Jämtlandic scenery, with everything from dog training to hunting and fishing on our game-rich land.

We are always able to offer opportunities for dog training in an organised manner, along with our qualified instructors. We train using pigeons and, when available, partridges.

Our hunts are in the heart of Jämtland on moose-rich land, and with luck it will be you that gets to meet the big bull moose. We hunt grouse in the mountains with skilled pointers and in the spring you can experience beaver hunting, silently gliding in a canoe on our rivers and lakes. Jämtland also has fishing in a great number of lakes and running water in forests and on reindeer grazing land.

We also offer accommodation. Visit us at http://www.hund-jakt.se


Fjelljakt is an organisation with a great deal of expertise in all areas of hunting in the mountains. We were founded ten years ago and our focus is delivering hunting packages of the highest quality. We have grouped selected experts and companies under the name of Fjelljakt to create a complete hunting experience. The companies and people we work with are all masters of what they do. Our job is simply to put all the pieces together…

We have chosen to focus on moose and grouse hunting on our lands, which are 15,000 hectares and have a unique game population. Naturally, we also winter and autumn hunts for grouse.

Our aim is to deliver a complete hunting experience in the mountains! If you are interested in hunting or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch: http://www.fjelljakt.se

Hårkan & Långan Jakt och fiske

The sister rivers of Hårkan and Långan are classic waters for hunting and fishing in Jämtland – two fly-fishing waters of absolute top quality. They also offer visitors a great wilderness experience in hunting and fishing.

Hårkan och Långan Jakt och Fiske is a small Jämtlandic family business that was founded in 1997. For the last few years, activities have been conducted via the Kallsta Gård company. We hope that the key to your cabin will also be the key to wonderful experiences in scenery that has plenty to offer in terms of hunting, fishing and wilderness experiences. With 35 years behind the fishing rod and an equally long experience of hunting, we can offer high quality hunting and fishing with accommodation in comfortable cabins by the fishing waters and on the hunting ground. We also organise fly-fishing courses with full-board accommodation for groups of any size.

Hunting and fishing are the perfect choice of activity at Långan and Hårkan, but the area also has plenty of other activities in offer. You’ll find adventure, nature and total relaxation. The area is also home to some of Jämtland’s leading canoe and horse riding companies.

Welcome – contact us for bookings and enquiries:


Joy Event

Joy Event organises hunting experiences that you won’t find anywhere else: health and wellbeing combined with the thrill of the hunt.

Our own hunting camp, Solviken, is located in Ljungdalen, north-west Härjedalen. We organise grouse hunts on private land with pointing bird dogs in the autumn and winter. You can stay in a timber cabin with a wood-fired sauna next to the lake, or in a “kata” (traditional Sami dwelling) in the heart of the hunting grounds.

Hunting events, yoga and packages – life is to be enjoyed! http://joyevent.se

ForsWards Hund & Jakt

ForsWards Hund & Jakt is a company located in Getåsen, at the foot of Oviksfjället, between Svenstavik and Åre. We offer courses in getting a hunting licence, shooting, leadership, obedience training for dogs, deer and bird tracking and retrieving. We work with Jägareförbundet (Swedish Hunting Association) and Studiefrämjandet (adult education).

We also organise guided hunts for grouse, forest birds, moose and beaver and individual training for you and your dog. If you have a bird dog we offer partridge training on our own meadows and in our forests. We also welcome businesses, schoos and groups of friends for teambuilding exercises.

More information about what we offer can be found at http://www.forswards.se

Exclusive Adventure

We are privileged to welcome guests in some of the most beautiful, richest forests and mountains in Sweden. With respect for and understanding of nature, our aim is to offer you the opportunity to enjoy fantastic experiences of the natural world. Care and humility in the face of the natural world and the people who have lived here for centuries mean that your adventure will be unforgettable for everyone participating.

Hunting was originally the company’s backbone, but to be able to stand steadily we have added more elements. The basis of the new Exclusive Adventure is genuine experiences of Jämtland’s forests, mountains and waters. This means year-round hunting, fishing in waters that few people know of, bespoke experiences with snowshoes, dogsleds, snowmobiles and rallying, as well as courses in hunting and wellbeing, with experts in every area.

Exclusive Adventure’s passion is providing you with the best of everything during your stay with us. We hope you will enjoy your time here and, once home, remember your adventures with joy. http://exclusiveadventure.se

Fjällripan Lodge

With the water just a few metres from the steps, you can hear the waves splashing on the beach. If you choose Fjällripan Lodge, the centre of the village within walking distance and the whole of the lake for bathing, but just 350 m to the slopes.

A boat trip on a quiet evening, a lecture in the conference rooms or why not cast a line in the lake to catch some dinner. Aside from its location, Fjällripan Lodge has many activities to offer and, after an active day of skiing, snowmobiling or a bear safari, we recommend spending some relaxing time in the spa.

Fjällripan Lodge offers surroundings that encourage spending time with friends and family. The larger houses can easily accommodate several families, but if you want something smaller we recommend one of the four timber cabins. Whatever you choose, we will do everything we can to make your experience as rewarding as possible http://www.fjallripan.net/

PN Jakt

PN Jakt organises hunting events, holds intensive courses for hunting licences and is a supplier for most well-known brands in the hunting industry.

Moose hunting, bear hunting, hunting for birds in tree tops, forest bird hunting, and beaver hunting are just some of what we have to offer. For our hunting events, our greatest emphasis is that you – our customer – is completely satisfied. This is why we only use well-tested dogs of a very high standard.

We strive to provide a high level of service, low prices and fast delivery of our products throughout Europe. Our online hunting store is: http://www.pnjakt.se

Rörströmälven’s Fishing & Outdoor Experience

Rörströmsälvens Fiske och Vildmarksupplevelse is based in Rossön, northern Jämtland. Our focus is adventure tourism, with experiences created by nature and on nature’s terms – pristine wilderness and its natural flora and fauna, where solitude and silence reign.

Enjoy a wonderful family holiday or an inspiring place for a business meeting. Regardless of whether you simply want to take it easy and relax, or whether you want to be as wild as the rapids – this is where you can experience nature at your pace and just as you want. Relax by a fire on a deserted lakeshore, hike, row, fish, hunt, go on a beaver safari, pick mushrooms and berries, paint wild flowers, take photographs or bake bread.

We enjoy creating and organising experiences that are perfect for you, so visit us at http://www.temaupplevelser.se

Sunnansjögårdens Jakt & fiske

Go on a great adventure in the wilderness of northern Sweden, where there are many opportunities for unforgettable hunting. You can hunt capercaillie, black grouse, hare, beaver (20,000 hectares of hunting grounds) and moose (5,500 hectares). There is comfortable accommodation in our cabins, and the food we serve is made from local organic produce.
We make your hunting experience something special through our expertise as authorised hunting stewards.

Experience the silence of nature, far from the day’s stress, through thrilling hunts. Make yourself ready for new challenges: http://www.sunnansjogarden.se

Big River Camp

We provide you with exclusive access to experiences and adventures in forests and mountains. You can combine snowmobiling with fishing, hunting, dogsledding and food cooked in the open air.

We organise events for individuals and businesses, and have camping, with pleasant cabins in a range of sizes, and conference facilities. Tell us what you want and we’ll put together a package to match.

If you want that little extra when it comes to food and the outdoors, come to us: http://www.bigrivercamp.se

Enaforsholm Fjällgård

Verdant landscapes or sparkling winter. Spend the best winter holiday ever at Enaforsholm Fjällgård. Here in west Jämtland, between Åre and Storlien, you can see the mountains close up. It’s not for nothing that people have visited regularly since 1937 – it has everything a mountain-lover could wish.

In the winter it is activities such as skiing that are the main attraction, both downhill and cross-country. And of course long-distance skating. There are also plenty of things to do in the summer – cycling, paddling, fishing, bird watching, hiking… yes, just enjoy the scenery.

Enaforsholm Fjällgård is open all year round. We offer home-made food with a local touch and a friendly, restful atmosphere. We have plenty of rooms, ones that are very comfortable or a little simpler. We also organise conferences, parties and courses, and more information about us can be found at http://www.enaforsholm.se